The power of specific locales has a strong influence on my work, and Iceland is especially important as the country where my parents met and got engaged.  Therefore, it became befitting for the continued development of my work to travel and spend time in the place where the roots of my family took hold.

With these ideas in mind, I participated in the Icelandic Textile Center (Textílsetur Íslands) artist residency program from October through November 2015 in the northwestern town of Blönduós. 

The series that was created over the course of those months, included: small woven studies in found wool and cotton;  a dragging tool made of drift-wood, collected stones, and rope; a woven woolen bag with a stone weight; and two landscape installations made of twenty ropes, each two meters in length.  

Together, these objects were meant to be an exploration to begin a dialog with myself - an almost anti-series, series.